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Want a Great Example of Why People and Process (Including Testing) Matter for High Availability and Disaster Recovery?

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I live in the Boston area. Today, there were massive delays on the T trains (public transportation) all due to a power outage. The power outage which lasted about 7 minutes, was inadvertently caused by a maintenance crew accidentally tripping a breaker at one of the worst possible times – rush hour. To get everything back up […]

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SQL Server Failover Clustering Now Supported Under Virtualization for Production Use! (And A Final TechEd Update)

Clustering Virtual Machines in Production Yesterday (5/19/09), the KB article which details the support policy for SQL Server failover clusters was officially updated to include support for clustering guests/Virtual Machines … including in production. So anyone who talked to me at TechEd last week, I was right until yesterday 🙂 Now a couple of points […]

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The TechEd 2009 Update From Los Angeles #1

It’s the end of Day Two at TechEd 2009 in Los Angeles. I’m sitting here in my hotel room eating some dinner and catching up for the first time in a few days on some work and e-mails that I haven’t had the time to do since arriving at TechEd. So far, it’s been a […]

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Major Milestone Completed Today

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All primary writing for the new Pro SQL Server 2008 Failover Clustering book is now complete. I still need to finish the editing process, but that's infinitely easier than writing! So it looks like the book will come out on time in June. Maybe now I'll get some sleep … oh wait, TechEd is next […]

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