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Bug – Combining Failover Clustering & Log Shipping When Programs Installed On Another Drive

A customer of mine contacted me this week about a problem they were having. They have a two-node failover cluster on Windows Server 2008 R2 with an instance of SQL Server 2008 with SQL Server 2008 SP1. They installed SQL Server’s program files to another drive – not the main system drive (C). They then configured log […]

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Creating Checklists or Configuration Worksheets in Office 2010? Need Backwards Compatibility?

So I’m finally finishing up the scripts and such for the book. Yes, they are very, very late. But you guys will benefit from that because you’ll get a few things which wouldn’t have been in there had I released ’em when Pro SQL Server 2008 Failover Clustering was released. Anyway, I was creating the […]

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SSDs Just Keep Getting Better

I really like my new laptop, the Panasonic CF-S9 from Japan (i5-540, 8GB of memory, 12.1″ widescreen, 8 – 12 hour battery life, under 3lbs – yes, under 3lbs). I don’t always say that as I fall out of love with laptops pretty quickly. Is it perfect? No. I’ve definitely got some gripes with it. […]

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Life in the Not-So-Fast Lane

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If you read my last blog post, you can see where I’ll be – at least publicly for the next month. Privately, I’ve got a few clients in addition to the public stuff I’ll be doing. It seems like since the beginning of the year I’ve been on the road pretty constantly. To put it […]

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