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Building a Lab or Portable Demo VM Box Cheaply – Part 1

How can you build a lab or a demo machine without breaking the bank? Allan will let you know over the next few blog posts …

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Vmware vMotion and Hyper-V’s Live Migration – Some Quick Thoughts

It’s 3:11 AM here and I just got my first Vmware demo environment with vSphere 4 (i.e. ESX 4.0) configured to show vMotion. Having set up both Live Migration and now the aforementioned vMotion, I can tell you that I much prefer the setup under Hyper-V. Just getting vSphere installed (pretty simple using its GUI Setup) […]

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Is Virtualization the DBA’s Friend?

With the SQL Server consolidation whitepaper a bit delayed, I wanted to touch on a hotbed topic I’ve talked about in other areas and ways. Since it’s my blog, I can address this topic in a different way than a formal whitepaper. Brent Ozar also blogged about some of this recently, and it looks like […]

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