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End-To-End SQL Server Architecture Design and Planning

Looking to modernize your existing SQL Server infrastructure? Need a whole new paradigm implemented for SQL Server to take advantage of forward-looking technologies and new product versions? Have an application that needs the right SQL Server design for both availability and performance? Let SQLHA design and plan it for you. SQLHA has the experience and vision to help you turn vision into reality. Our holistic approach to system design combined with our expertise in virtualization, storage, networking, Windows Server, and SQL Server enables us to deliver physical, virtual, public cloud, or hybrid solutions tailored to your needs.

As part of the engagement, we can also help you test and validate to prove the solution will not only work as advertised, but also scale to the heights you need. Whether this testing is in-house or in a formal lab setting such as a Microsoft Technology Center, we have the skills to deliver lab engagements that is second to none.

SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery Planning

Core to our mission is ensuring our customers have the right “stuff” to remain up and running. Availability is more than just implementing a clustered instance of SQL Server or Availability Groups. The goal is to achieve true business continuity whether you have a local failure or something more catastrophic. Leverage our decades of experience working with some of the largest and most critical systems on the Windows platform – including banks, train and tax systems, as well as stock exchanges. We listen to your needs to ensure you have the right solution. SQLHA also has one of the world’s foremost experts on SQL Server availability on staff – Microsoft Cluster MVP Allan Hirt. So whether you need to assess your availability strategy’s current strengths and weakness, or you need a complete overhaul, SQLHA is the right choice.

SQL Server Hardware and Infrastructure Design

Every SQL Server needs a robust, reliable backend to deliver the performance and availability your business requires. While tuning applications and their queries is important, the hardware and infrastructure behind the scenes matters just as much. Ensuring you have the right architecture and bandwidth for things like Availability Group traffic or Live Migration and vMotion requires the expertise that SQLHA brings to the table. We often bridge the divide between DBAs and system, virtualization, storage, network, and security administrators, or even help where there is no SQL Server expertise in house.

As we move to a more software defined data center which provides greater abstraction and flexibility, designs are becoming more complex. We understand that, and can help you take advantage of the powerful new technologies and features in this area. As an example, SQLHA has real world experience implementing Scale Out File Server and RDMA for production workloads. We can help you determine the right technology stack to support your workloads and give you the availability and reliability you require. So when you need to have a system that not only works for today, but for the foreseeable future, SQLHA should be your go-to resource.

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