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The ability to learn from on demand videos is coming soon to SQLHAU®, but we also find many still prefer to not only learn from a live instructor and benefit from that interaction, but also the interaction with other students. Whether it is through a virtual classroom experience online, or or in a more formal classroom-style environment, SQLHAU® has options to meet your in person training needs.

Course Catalog

Below is a list of SQLHAU’s courses. We are always expanding, so check back from time to time to see what is new. Click on the links to see the course descriptions. Check our Events page to see when the classes are scheduled to register.

Corporate/Custom/Private Training

Sometimes it is not possible to send your entire team to one of our public classes. Other times you may have training requirements that do not match exactly to our existing course offerings. SQLHAU® can either come onsite and deliver training or do it via our online classroom. We can teach one of our existing courses, tweak an existing one based on your requirements, or even come up with something completely custom to you. Not only is this cost effective, but as part of the class, we can discuss things and answer questions as they relate to your environment which often cannot happen in a public setting. Contact us today about your training needs so you can get on our calendar.

Here’s what people are saying about classes and other training events delivered by SQLHAU®

From a technical perspective I learned a ton about Clustering and Availability Groups. The class was especially useful with the web based labs which had fully working Virtual Machines. The instructions were easy to follow and allowed for three levels of challenges. I thought this concept was great because I could redo the lab later using a different method which means I could improve my skills further outside the class room.

 – The SQLPro (read the full post here)

Having Allan’s last books … on my shelf for years … I was well aware of his knowledge with SQL Server failover and knew the course would cover a fair amount of information. Slides were kept to a minimum with lots of discussion of HA topics that a lot of in the trenches DBAs don’t really consider.

Stuart Moore (read his full review of Mission Critical SQL Server here)


When I attend training I prefer labs that require thought when problems arise.  These labs were challenging and provided the building blocks needed to build, troubleshoot and maintain the WSFC.

– Daryl Roche

This was an A+ technical training.

Daniel Taylor

Thanks again for your help and I really enjoyed the pre-con class.  This was the first Pre-Con I attended which had Labs. … having labs is a great way to reinforce the lessons and all the pieces of an AG.

Great Job to you and your team!


Need More Info on why SQLHAU® Offers The Best Training?

If you would like to know more of what sets us apart from everyone else, download the document Benefits of Choosing SQLHAU® for Training. Share it with your manager if you need to justify coming to one of our classes.