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Vmware vMotion and Hyper-V’s Live Migration – Some Quick Thoughts

It’s 3:11 AM here and I just got my first Vmware demo environment with vSphere 4 (i.e. ESX 4.0) configured to show vMotion. Having set up both Live Migration and now the aforementioned vMotion, I can tell you that I much prefer the setup under Hyper-V. Just getting vSphere installed (pretty simple using its GUI Setup) […]

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Come See Me at World of Windows Server in Singapore Dec 8 – 10.

Well, it’s official – the website just went up. Can’t hide it anymore … I’m delivering a 3-day masterclass on consolidation and virtualization at World of Windows Server in Singapore as well as delivering two sessions (although the current website shows two different, it is going to be a two parter on clustering). I’m very exicted […]

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File Under Not Supported (PowerShell and Clustering Content)

So it’s no secret I’ve been using Windows Server 2008 R2 for quite some time. I like the PowerShell commandlets, and I’ve occasionally used the failover clustering module for PowerShell in R2 to manage “downlevel” Windows Server 2008 RTM (and SP2) based clusters with no issue. This week I also figured, “What the heck?” and […]

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PASS Wrapup and Other Musings

PASS was a whirlwind week between the three main conference days and the two MS Insider days on either end. I don’t ever remember being so busy at PASS, yet for the first time in … well … I don’t know how long I actually attended a handful of sessions. I highly recommend the HA […]

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Node Names, x64, SQL Server 2005 with SP3, and Windows Server 2008 R2

I have been at a client all week implementing a SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition SP3 cluster using Windows Server 2008 R2 for the underlying operating system. Since this is W2K8 R2, it’s 64-bit only, so we implemented SQL Server 2005 x64. Everything went pretty smoothly, as did the cutover from their current production box. […]

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