SQLHA® is one of the world’s leading mission critical SQL Server consulting and training companies. Our goal is to help customers attain available, scalable, manageable, and secure SQL Server implementations by creating solutions that address the whole picture – from the infrastructure all the way through day-to-day operations.

We have decades of customer and lab experience, during which we’ve been exposed to numerous platforms and can help with SQL Server on Windows Server or Linux whether you are deploying solutions on premises using physical hardware (including virtualizing servers) or the public cloud (Azure, AWS, or GCP).

People are crucial to the success of any solution. As part of our engagements, we ensure knowledge transfer and education are core aspects. The passion for education extends to our SQLHAU® training division which offers some of the best mission critical instructional content and pioneered the use of online lab environments for SQL Server availability scenarios in courseware.

Whether you are looking to design a completely new solution, improve or upgrade an existing one, adopt new technologies or features, learn mission critical topics, or have any other mission critical SQL Server needs, SQLHA® is ready when you are.

Managing Partners

  • Allan Hirt
    Allan Hirt has been using SQL Server in various guises since 1992 and is both a dual Microsoft MVP (Data Platform and Cloud and Datacenter Management) and a 2017 VMware vExpert. He has traveled all over the world to train, mentor, and work with clients. He has also authored or contributed to publications about SQL Server for Microsoft, SQL Server Magazine, and others via whitepapers, webcasts, training courses, and books.Allan is a frequent speaker at conferences like TechEd, SQLBits, PASS Summit, and has taught rotations of the Microsoft Certified Masters on SQL Server 2008.

    He is currently finishing the highly anticipated book Mission Critical SQL Server.
    Allan Hirt is a MSFT MVP
  • Max Myrick

    Maxwell Myrick is a fifteen year veteran of Microsoft with over twenty years building and supporting IT systems in a variety of technologies.  He joined Microsoft in 1998 after five years in a variety of IT support roles for Glaxo.  His first role was as a TAM for the NY/NJ region where he played an important role in building and supporting the first SQL Server e-commerce system (Barnes & Noble) and the first SQL Server data warehouse (Harper Collins) on the re-designed SQL Server 7.0.  This work lead to a offer to join the SQL Server development team in August 2000.  Maxwell remained with the SQL Server development team for five years in a variety of interesting roles including Beta support, feature PM for Upgrade, manager of sustained engineering, and release manager.  He also designed and ran the highly successful SQL Customer Lab from 2000 to 2002 which brought in 172 customers from around the globe to do work directly with the SQL Server development team on all aspects of the product.

    In 2005, Maxwell joined a newly created team at Microsoft which was tasked with building the company’s first Mission Critical Program (MCP).  On this team, he designed and implemented several new customer offerings for Mission Critical team including the team’s MCP Lab and lab automation, the MCP Service Monitoring offering, the Proactive Testing offering, and the quarterly Upgrade Roadmaps.  As Microsoft’s mission critical business grew, Maxwell chose to focus on his developing his Proactive Testing offering which reviewed all changes to the shipped products in the entire Microsoft stack each month and then delivered an extensive set of highly customized recommendations for which hotfixes to deploy or test (with test plans).  His customers included banks, governments, tax authorities, stock exchanges, and transportation systems across the world.  In addition, he moved onto Microsoft’s Premier Support headquarters as a Director of Incubation designing, implementing, and launching new support offerings.

    In 2013, Maxwell joined several friends who are also hard-core technologists with a passion for SQL Server systems and is now excited to be a member of SQLHA.  When not working, he is most likely to be found hiking in the forests and mountains of the glorious Northwest.