Knowledge is power. While marketing may make it seem like certain features are as simple as a Wizard, there is much more to deploying that you need to know to be successful. This is where SQLHAU® comes into the picture. Our goal is to ensure that whether you are attending one of our online or in person classes, a session at an event, or even having us come onsite and deliver private training to your organization, you acquire the mission critical, real world skills to be able to do your job. This even extends to our consulting engagements where we always do some sort of knowledge transfer. You will get to learn from people who actually implement solutions and who work with customers day in and day out.

Learning should also be more than sitting in a room or in front of a screen. To truly understand, you need to get hands on experience where possible. This is why for most of our courses – including preconference sessions at major conferences – we custom design labs to ensure that you do not encounter death by PowerPoint and get the relevant skills you can use when you get back to the office. This is why SQLHAU® has some of the best training for SQL Server.

Custom Content Creation

Looking to have a whitepaper written? Need a custom training course developed on a technical topic? Need a PowerPoint deck for your sales organization that doesn't feel like a marketing pitch to customers? SQLHA® has worked with companies such as Microsoft and Cisco to create content their customers need and love. Contact us to see how our writing and content services can benefit your company today.

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