Back in March, I wrote a blog post entitled “Windows Server 8, SQL Server 2012, and .NET Framework” where I talked about the various versions of .NET Framework as they relate to SQL Server 2012, and how I encounteded that .NET 3.51 was not available by default in WIndows Server 2012 (then known as Windows Server 8). I filed a bug against this and the official word is out: it’s not changing (my bug was closed as “By Design”). Microsoft published a blog post today on this very topic – .NET 3.51 will be a Feature On Demand. And why are they still using Windows 8 and not Windows Server 2012? Arg.

I think this decision is myopic and boneheaded, considering that SQL Server is one of the biggest deployment scenarios for Windows Server 2012 (regardless of what version or versions of SQL will ultimately be supported on it). This adds complexity to a base Windows installation for a Windows Server 2012-based deployment. Yes, it’s just another check on a list to ensure is done, but a pretty major one.

While I showed you how to get the payload from the installation media and the new blog post walks through other ways to get it, in my opinion, it’s an even stupider assumption to make that servers will have internet connectivity. Many mission critical servers when installed do not and will not. That means Windows Update (aka WU) is an impossibility for many. So you’re back to my method of getting it from the install media.

Don’t like it?  I know I don’t. Make your voice heard. I have already tried the official route and was shot down, but I say there’s strength in numbers.  Maybe if there’s enough outcry Microsoft will change this by RTM … but don’t look for me to turn blue holding my breath.

EDIT: Here is a link to a Connect item. Please add your comments about your scenario and how it will affect you. Don’t just do a +1.