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SQL Server 2012 High Availability and Editions: Basic vs. Advanced

Find out the differences in what is in each edition of SQL Server 2012 for high availability

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MVP Renewal, Schedule and Training Updates

Where in the world can you catch Allan in the next few months?

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SQL Server Denali CTP3: Skipping Update Checks via Command Line Installation

Speed up your installations of Denali by not checking for updates or skipping the check if you are not connected to the ‘net

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SQL Server Denali CTP3 Clustered Instance Installations, Backslashes, and You

A backslash is not just a backslash when it comes to Denali, clusters, and Setup

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SQL Server Denali, Upgrading, Supported Platforms, and You

MS has published the versions of Windows and the supported upgrade paths. Here’s my take.

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