Hello everyone. Dave Welch from House of Brick (Blog | Twitter) and I will be co-presenting session HCP1634 “Licensing Oracle and SQL Server on vSphere” at VMworld 2020 this September. I will be focusing on SQL Server while Dave will be covering Oracle. Many of you may only use one of the database engines, while a fair number of you may have both in your data centers (or cloud providers). We know it’s going to be a great session but we want your input to make it even better.

Because VMworld 2020 is going to be virtual that means some sessions (including ours) will be pre-recorded. That puts a damper on interaction. We’d like to change that as much as possible and make it feel as if you were there in the proverbial room with us. Specifically, we would like to know some of your pain points around licensing SQL Server and/or Oracle in virtualized environments (on premises and/or cloud) as well as glean information about what you deploy so our session can reflect the audience. Normally we would poll the room at various points during the session, but that won’t be possible. We’re also taking questions that we’ll incorporate into the session as well. We cannot promise we will get to every single one, but historically, the licensing session has left quite a bit of time for Q&A, and we want to be able to still do that. The only way to make that happen is to gather them ahead of time.

How do you participate? It’s easy – take our survey and fill out the relevant bits that apply to you. Any names or e-mail addresses, organization name, and role information provided is completely optional. We will not use them for promotional purposes nor store them permanently. If we use your question, the name will allow us to possibly follow up should we need to do so.

The survey is live now and will close at midnight on August 11th. What are you waiting for? Go fill it out!

We thank you in advance and we will “see” you virtually at VMworld 2020.