As we first announced in our inaugral issue of our newsletter, Mission Critical Update, we will be holding free 30 minute webinars every other month starting in April. The first one will be on Wednesday, April 24 at 11AM Eastern/8AM Pacific/3PM GMT. We will send out details on how to join as the webinar gets closer.

Here is the information about the webinar:

The Only Constant Is Change

Whether you are at the top of the corporate ladder or an administrator, everyone has to manage change. That change comes in many forms including:

  • Applying patches to resolve issues and improve reliability as well as security updates to keep your systems and business data safe
  • Upgrading/migrating to new major versions of Windows Server, Linux, and SQL Server
  • Taking advantage of evolving hardware-based options such as hyperconverged solutions on premises and zones in the public cloud as well as new features to improve your systems and applications
  • Planning and deploying an updated architecture for the solution to make everything work in harmony

Each of these areas is a moving target. Strong organizations embrace change with well thought out plans and make the most of it with the support of management. With all of that in place, the disruptions to the business are minimized.  Want to be that type of organization? Sign up for this free 30 minute webinar from SQLHA® to hear mission critical experts Allan Hirt and Max Myrick talk about the effect of change and how to stay on top of it. You will also get a sample high level plan to see how all of this can be achieved.

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