I know this is last minute, but we’ve decided to give away a seat for next week’s Mission Critical SQL Server class in Boston just like we did for Chicago last year. This time the rules are going to be slighlty different. I really do believe in giving back to the community, and I think this is a perfect way of paying my good fortune forward.

Good luck!

The Rules
Send us an e-mail to sales at sqlha dot com with the subject Boston Rocks as to why you think you deserve the seat and how it would impact you. I really would prefer the seat go to someone who truly needs this, such as learning new skills, switching jobs, etc. You are not bound by that, but you really have to demonstrate that you truly would benefit from attending.

I am not asking for a 1000 word essay, but don’t send a one line e-mail either. The grammar police won’t hold it against you if it’s not up to snuff; I would prefer heartfelt over perfect. Having said that, see The Fine Print. There is one exception.

Entries must be in by Thursday, October 16, at 5PM Eastern. A winner will be chosen and notified on Friday, October 17.

Do not make or send a video; that will disqualify you.

The Fine Print

  1. One entry per person per class. Entry is only good for the class submitted. You must submit individual entries for different classes.
  2. Winners will not be eligible for a free seat in a future class and are ineligible for winning any other free SQLHA giveaway for 12 months after winning the seat in the class (excluding any giveaways in the class). If you cannot attend the class where you are chosen as a winner, you forfeit the prize.
  3. Do not enter if you cannot attend; it is not fair to those who can and a waste of everyone’s time.
  4. You (or your company) are responsible for all travel and expenses including, but not limited to: airfare, taxis, food, hotel, and so on. If you cannot meet this obligation for the class you are thinking of entering, please save it for one you can.
  5. Entries without the proper subject will be disqualified. Sorry.
  6. While we do not have delicate sensibilities, keep your entries clean.
  7. You are responsible for any taxes you may need to pay as a result of winning this contest.
  8. You must be eligible to win. For example, some who work in certain jobs or roles (such as some government agencies) would be ineligible. Know if you can before you enter. I apologize in advance if what you do rules you out, but we don’t want to waste anyone’s time or cause issues for you OR us.
  9. All entries must be in English.
  10. While we understand that writing is not everyone’s forte, anyone who uses text speak such as ur will be disqualified as well.