Just to update everyone – I’m revamping my current course offerings.

1. My SQL Server 2008 failover clustering course is getting a bit of a makeover for R2, and will also have some early Denali content. I’m looking to roll that out very soon.

2. I do have a full SQL Server HA course which I’m revamping as well. Although, rumor has it the new official MOC SQL HA course written for the MCM is going to be pretty good 🙂 Just a rumor though lol

3. I am excited to announce the development of a Mission Critical SQL Server course which I am working on with a colleague of mine. We’re aiming for a first delivery in Spring of 2011, and it’s much more than just the clustering/mirroring/technology stuff. It’s everything from A to Z, including some dev topics. It’s going to be a pretty intense four days. We’re working on the agenda now. I don’t want to spill all the beans, but as students, there will be hands on labs as well as situational ones where you will put what you are learning into practice. This isn’t four days of us talking AT you. You won’t see another course like this anywhere.

Contact me if you’re interested in any of these!