Happy Friday, everyone. As some of you hopefully know, I will be hopping across the pond otherwise known as the Atlantic Ocean later this month to teach my 4-day Mission Critical SQL Server class in London. There are very few seats left. Right now there is a special discount code – AH25 – which will give you 25% off the price. Since seats are nearly sold out, first come, first served.

As an aside, I’m tweaking the labs right now and testing the VMs; lots of fun for everyone when you do them, and this is just part of my process making sure everything is A-OK.

This week it was also confirmed that I will be speaking at the London SQL Server User Group on Tuesday, September 29. The link apparently just went live and nearly 50 people are registered! I’m humbled and flattered, and am looking forward to it. User groups are fun, and the last time I spoke in London was a blast. Use the link in this paragraph to get information on how to register for this free event.

I want to give a special thanks and shout out to Neil Hambly (blog | Twitter) for making the user group possible.