I’m proud to announce that the Mission Critical Moment is now live on SQLHA. You’re probably asking yourself, “So Allan, what exactly is the Mission Critical Moment?”

Max and I have been wanting to add some form of video content for quite some time, but wanted to think about the best way to put it out there. Throwing up content for the sake of it doesn’t work for us. I’ve done my share of recorded videos for other folks in the past, so I’m definitely no stranger to pre-recorded, non-live stuff.

Max and I came up with some guiding principles:

  1. The videos must be short (under 15 minutes, ideally 5 – 7), focused, lively, and easily consumable. In other words, they are bite sized morsels/nuggets where you don’t have to carve out long lengths of time to watch. They also need to be, where appropriate, a bit lighthearted. Not every Mission Critical Moment will be super serious and tackle a specific tip, trick, or bit of information that is the differerence between up and down
  2. The video content has to be free with no strings attached. You do not need to sign up for our newsletter to see the Mission Critical Moment, nor do you have to create a login to see these behind a gated wall. If you want to sign up for our newsletter, feel free to do so – we’d love that, but you shouldn’t have to be “part of the club” to see the Mission Critical Moment.
  3. The videos shouldn’t require action (within reason) on your part to do anything other than watch. Something like asking you to download it was out of the question for us.
  4. The videos should be easy to find. No digging around on Youtube or anything like that, which meant hosting them on our site directly.
  5. There will be at least one per month.

What are you waiting for? Click here to see #1. The first Mission Critical Moment was a lot of fun to do and its topic is something I am truly passionate about.

The Mission Critical Moment is the first in line of a bunch of exciting things SQLHA is rolling out in 2018.