Another year, another PASS convention – and I mean that in a good way. I look forward to making the annual trek. Arguably there is no better place for SQL Server folks to gather and make their collective brains hurt after a few days. This year looks to be no exception.

I had fun sitting in with Max, Farzan, and Uttam yesterday afternoon and hope the students in the clustering pre-con got a few more useful tidbits.

My session Advanced Failover Clustering Installation Techniques with SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 is on Thursday at 1PM in room 4C4 (330). While I’m looking forward, when I looked at the final schedule I saw that PASS had somehow bumped my content up to 500 level! I figured at most it would be 400 level, but PASS surprised me. No pressure, right? 😉 So accordingly, I’m going to change a few things. 

I’ll also be at today’s Birds of a Feather lunch sitting with my friend Ross Mistry talking about virtualization and high availability.

Hope to see you on Thursday!

Please do say hello if you see me walking around.

The only negative of the week: two mornings in a row with no hot shower at my hotel. One more and I switch. Saving money only goes so far!