Things never go as planned. In my effort to try to make my blog more spam proof in comments (a headache worthy of its own blog post), I tried to upgrade my BlogEngine.NET-based blog to version 1.6.1. I did, but it didn’t seem to work right. That’s when I decided to try the 2.0 RC … and that didn’t solve my issues either.

The past 24 hours has been an exercise in trying different CMS platforms. Ultimately what I want is to have one source for everything since my needs are fairly pedestrian in the grand scheme of things, and maintaining my main site ( and the blog site is a bit annoying, but not horrible. I think I tried most of the major platforms today and they are all a pain to deal with in one way or another.

So I made the decision this afternoon to switch to what everyone and their uncle uses: WordPress. BlogEngine served me well for just shy of two years, but this just works. The switch was fairly painless since I exported my old blog posts in BlogML format. The only thing I had to do was modify the XML file and the categories so they had the friendly name instead of the GUID everywhere.

Maybe I’ll retry some of the “more advanced” CMS systems like Kentico at some point again, but I’m tired of dealing with issues. I hope this switch will stabilize things for awhile. Although I have to say: removing Kentico cleanly is difficult. I spent the better part of an hour deleting tables and objects manually from my SQL Server database.