Hello everyone. I know I’ve been a bit silent,  but I’ve been pretty heads down as of late. I’m writing this quick post while still in Europe. I’ll be home soon and will get back to regular blogging. If you attended one of my recent sessions, below are links where you can find the PowerPoint decks. As you can see I’ve been all over the world (literally!) . I want to thank everyone who attended the sessions, as I had fun and I hope you learned something from them.

Please note that sessions with the same name may have slightly different content as I may have tweaked it for your delivery.

SQL Saturday #65 in Vancouver – Is That A Failover Cluster On Your Laptop? (uploaded to the SQL Server #65 site)
Webcast for the Israeli SQL Server community – Top Tips and Tricks for SQL Server Failover Clustering (uploaded here on my site)
SQL Saturday #67 in Chicago – Windows Failover Clustering Basics for the DBA (uploaded to the SQL Server #67 site)
SQL Saturday #71 in Boston – So Many High Availbility Options, So Little Time (uploaded to the SQL Server #71 site)
SQLbits Friday session – So Many High Availbility Options, So Little Time (uploaded to the SQLbits site)
SQLbits Saturday session – Multi-Site Failover Clusters with SQL Server 2008 and Denali (uploaded to the SQLbits site)

If you attended my SQLbits preconference/training day, the organizers should be sending me a list in the next few days and I’ll provide via e-mail a link for you. If you haven’t heard from me within a week or so, e-mail me using the Contact form above.