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Publishing: Physical or Not?

Posted by in Book

No one said that publishing was going to be easy

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Un-SQL Friday #005: Bad Interviews

Posted by in advice, Un-SQL Friday

When interviews go south … oy!

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Do You Like Your Writing Boring? Me Neither

Posted by in advice, blogging, Book, whitepaper

Writing interesting content is not as easy as you think, even for those of us who write a lot of content

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SQL Server Denali CTP3: Skipping Update Checks via Command Line Installation

Speed up your installations of Denali by not checking for updates or skipping the check if you are not connected to the ‘net

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SQL Server Denali CTP3 Clustered Instance Installations, Backslashes, and You

A backslash is not just a backslash when it comes to Denali, clusters, and Setup

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