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Devs the New Superheroes and Rockstars? What About IT?

Developers are the future? Allan doesn’t think so … or does he?

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Maintaining Quorum During Windows Patching and Updating

Ensure you don’t have accidental downtime during patching due to losing quorum

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Rome Wasn’t Built In 15 Minutes … Neither Is a SQL Server Solution

I hit on this topic a little in my previous blog post (Helping the Helpers), but I wanted to expand on it in a different way. Whether you’re posting to a newsgroup, at a conference in a 75 minute session, or even paying for an hour of help, very rarely – if ever – are […]

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Want a Great Example of Why People and Process (Including Testing) Matter for High Availability and Disaster Recovery?

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I live in the Boston area. Today, there were massive delays on the T trains (public transportation) all due to a power outage. The power outage which lasted about 7 minutes, was inadvertently caused by a maintenance crew accidentally tripping a breaker at one of the worst possible times – rush hour. To get everything back up […]

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